L'Oiseau Bleu

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L'oiseau Bleu Morzine

Long-term renting in free-management

  • Retaining security of tenure, « l’Oiseau Bleu » welcomes structures that rent premises for their use alone during the stay. These structures have to take on their own management and get appropriate staff, whereas maintenance-services resident team gives them help.

  • In the course of schedule, « l’Oiseau Bleu » charges both precise costs for stay (respectively to the group) and tax paid annually (household rubbish, for instance), with payment on a pro rata basis of stay-time. Repayment of repairs consequential to little damage caused by any member of a structure is owed by this structure..

  • « Oiseau Bleu » previous partners’ plans have priority, from year to another.

  • According to saving money principle, and in order to create long-lasting partnership, « l’Oiseau Bleu » is favouring perennial short-time stay requests, possibly one following another during the same month.

  • Equipment can be stored on hold, from a stay-time to another. In the meantime and before moving out of the place, depository has to clean before storing (reception and infirmary included), in such a way that schedule remains flexible.

  • Since control of place is requiring preliminary training, any stay at « l’Oiseau Bleu », foreseen in a hurry, can only be considered in this way.